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Vallisneria nana

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Vallisneria nana
is a solitary contrast plant with dark green, rosulate, narrow leaves. It is extremely suitable as a mid-ground plant, but can also be used as a background plant in small aquariums. The leaves are much narrower than with other species of Vallisneria, nor are they quite as long. In its natural habitat in northern Australia Vallisneria nana reaches a height of only 15 cm, but in aquariums it typically grows to 30-50 cm, which no doubt reflects the different light and nutrient conditions. Vallisneria nana produces offshoots very readily, so compact vegetation will soon develop in good conditions.

* Family - Hydrocharitaceae
* Continent - Australia
* Region – Australia
* Country of origin – Australia
* Height – 30-80 cm
* Width – 2-10 cm
* Light requirements – low-high
* Temperature – 20-28 °C
* Hardness tolerance – soft-hard
* pH tolerance – 6-8,5
* Growth – medium
* Demands – easy

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