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Nesaea pedicellata

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Nesaea pedicellata is an attractive, decorative and easy stem plant. Leaf colours range from green to yellow and orange and reddish shades depending on growth conditions in the aquarium. The stems keep their intense red colouring, something that can also be seen when the plant is grown in a swamp. Compared with Nesaea crassicaulis (Tropica no. 033B), Nesaea pedicellata has narrower leaves and its colours are warmer. We recommend planting Nesaea in the mid-ground of the aquarium as a contrast to the tall green background plants. Fertilizer capsules should be used to strengthen the plant and emphasise its colours.

Family Lythraceae
Continent Africa
Country of origin Africa
Height 20-40+ cm
Width 10-20+ cm
Light requirements medium-very high
Temperature 22-30 °C
Hardness tolerance soft-hard
pH tolerance 5,5-8
Growth medium
Demands easy

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