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Heteranthera zosterifolia

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Heteranthera zosterifolia
is an extremely beautiful plant which forms a lot of side shoots and thus quickly forms a bushy plant group. In strong light growth is intensive, and the plant must be pruned before it becomes so compact that no light reaches the lower leaves. Water roots often form on the stem. In open aquariums it forms small blue flowers if some shoots are allowed to spread on the surface.

* Family - Pontederiaceae
* Continent - South America
* Region - South America
* Country of origin - South America
* Height - 30-50 cm
* Width - 10-15 cm
* Light requirements - high-very high
* Temperature - 18-30 °C
* Hardness tolerance - very soft-hard
* pH tolerance - 5,5-8
* Growth - fast
* Demands - easy

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