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Below you will see a list of articles on aquarium plants and related topics. Click on an article to view it. If you would like to contribute an article related to aquatic plants or aquariums in general, please contact us.

General aquarium plant articles:

1. Do I need to add carbon dioxide (CO2) to my tank?

2. Why should I have live plants in my aquarium?

3. A list of the most common aquarium plants

4. Aquatic plant tips for beginners

5. Which aquarium plants will not be eaten by fish?

6. What are true aquatic plants?


1. Ideal lighting for plant growth

2. A list of aquarium plant species that are good for beginners (low-light)

General aquarium tips and advice:

1. Aquarium decorations

2. Beginners’ tips for aquariums

Fish issues :

1. Why do my fish die?

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