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Which aquarium plants will not be eaten by fish?

If you have herbivorous fish in your tank, there is a chance that they will nibble at your plants and sometimes destroy them. However, there is is a species of plants that most fish will leave alone. They are anubias plants. They are tough plants and most fish find them distasteful.

Some species are coffeefolia (see below), nana, barteri and congensis. They are a little more expensive because they grow so slow but most fish won't eat them.

Of course the other option is not to include herbivorous fish in your tank. Some fish like to eat plants, such as the Silver Dollar. Other fish will dig them up and tear them to pieces such as Oscars and Large Cichlids. Those with sucker mouths can damage plant leaves or uproot them: small shoaling fishes are the most suitable.

Anubias barteri ''coffeefolia'' is a very beautiful, low variety of Anubias barteri. It is characteristic that the leaves arch considerably between the leaf ribs, and the new leaves are red-brown. The colour combination and leaf shape make it an attractive variety in both large and small aquariums. It flowers frequently under water but does not produce seeds there. Anubias species seem to grow so slowly that they do not realise that they have been submerged.

* Continent - Africa
* Country of origin - Africa
* Height - 15-25 cm
* Width – 10+ cm
* Light requirements – low-high
* Temperature - 20-30 °C
* Hardness tolerance – very soft-very hard
* pH tolerance – 5,5-9
* Growth – very slow
* Demands – very easy

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