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Why do my aquarium fish die?

This is a huge question and there is no simple answers. This list below is a list of common reasons why fish die. It is not comprehesive, but should give you some pointers.

1) Air freshners, fumes from cleaning solutions, insecticides or other similiar chemicals are toxic to fish. If any get in your tank, they can kill fish instantly.

2) Putting incompatible fish together. In the wild, fish have huge areas to roam. In a small tank, there is no place to hide.

3) Giving your fish too much food. You should only add as much food as your fish will eat in a 5 minute period. Additional food will create toxicity in your tank.

4) Over cleaning a newly set up aquarium - not giving bacteria a chance to build up on all of the tank surfaces. Bacteria are essenial for a balanced tank, and if you do not give them a chance to build up - your tank will not thrive.

5) Putting too many fish in your tank. Sometimes it is simply a question of buying too many fish. In other cases, owners forget that the fish will grow too large for the tank.

6). This is related to reason one above. Toxic chemicals on your hands can affect your fish. For example hand lotion, soap and nicotine.

6) If you use tap water, adding fish to your tank before it has had time to stand and declorinate will result in fatalities.

7) Newly purchased fish should be put in a quarantine tank. If they are diseased, it will not be passed to the rest of the fish in your tank.

8). Trying to alter the pH, hardness or some other natural elements of your tap water. These factors are very delicately balanced, and huge swings can kill fish.

9) When changing the water in your tank, the added water needs to be the same temperature as the rest of the tank. Huge swings in temperature can kill fish.

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